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SC Tree Farmer of the Year

Now taking nominations for 2023 Tree Farmer of the Year
Nomination Deadline April 21, 2023.

Bill McCrary

2022 SC Tree Farmer of the Year
Jim & Pam Porter

Bill McCrary

2021 SC Tree Farmer of the Year
Bill McCrary
Chapin, SC

Guerry Burnett

2020 SC Tree Farmer of the Year
Guerry Burnett
Taylors, SC


Roy Boyd
Roy Boyd
Rock Hill, SC

Associated Hardwoods’ Buyer for SC

Tree Farm Inspectors provide the on-the-ground validation and contributions which are essential to the integrity of the program.

Nominated By:
Alan Abernathy, Associated Hardwoods

Roy Boyd has been involved in the tree farm program since 1990. He served on the SC Tree Farm Committee for many years -- most notably as Chairman of the Field Tour Committee for fourteen years. He worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that every single one of those Field Tours & Awards Ceremonies was flawlessly executed. Most attendees were not aware of the significant role he played because he never sought the spotlight, preferring instead to let the Tree Farmers and award winners shine.
He’s conducted inspections, re-inspections, helped post Tree Farm signs, and been interviewed by local television stations and newspapers on topics such as forest management, prescribed fire, and wildland fire control.
He submitted nominations on Tree Farmers for District recognition. One of those was Joanna Angle, Chester, SC for District 2 Tree Farmer of the Year in 2012. She was later selected 2012 South Carolina Tree Farmer of the Year. Angle was the former host of SC Educational Television’s popular weekly series Palmetto Places.
INVOLVEMENT: Boyd is a member of York County Beekeepers Association and has long assisted with local Boy Scout projects and trips.


L B Adams
Greenwood, SC

Forest Landowner

Tree Farm in Southern & Southeastern Greenwood County

Nominated By:
Brad Thompson, Jr., Thompson Forest Consultants

L. B. Adams has owned over 4,000 woodland acres for several decades -- with all of the woodland acreage certified as a Tree Farm.
PRIMARY OBJECTIVES: “Practice sustainable silviculture, support forest products industry, provide wildlife habitat, protect watersheds, and conserve soils.”
TREE FARM FIELD WORK: He guides timber management decisions and silvicultural practices and offers valuable historical perspectives on markets and finance.
INVOLVEMENT & RECOGNITION: As co-founder of the Upper Savannah Land Trust, he has been involved in supporting land conservation and sustainable forestry for many years. He is a member of Greenwood County Forestry Association; a member of the Forestry Association of South Carolina; and a member of Forest Landowners Association. In 2000, Adams and his wife, Margaret W. (“Peggy”) Adams, founded the USLT, an organization that they led for many years. The USLT is currently the third-largest South Carolina-based land trust with over 50,000 acres under easement. In honor of their work with the USLT, Mr. & Mrs. Adams received the 2009 BMW Conservation Award.

National Tree Farmers of the Year
2000 Dr. A. G. “Skeet” and Gail Burris, Cummings, SC
2012 Walt & Barbara McPhail,

Regional Tree Farmers of the Year From SC
1996 Dr. A. G. “Skeet” and Gail Burris, Cummings, SC
2000 Dr. A. G. “Skeet” and Gail Burris, Cummings, SC
2003 Dr. Walter A. McPhail, Mauldin, SC
2004 John & Mary Rebecca Spearman, Lane, SC
2005 Dyches Family, Savannah, GA
2007 Johney L. Haralson, Denmark, SC
2012 Walt & Barbara McPhail, , Mauldin, SC

National Tree Farm Inspector of the Year
2010 J. Kirk Weyman, Anderson, SC

Southern Regional Tree Farm Inspector of the Year Recipient
2010 J. Kirk Weyman, Anderson, SC
2002 Tom W. Patton, Jr., Columbia, SC

George D. Kessler SC Tree Farm Inspector of the Year Recipients
2000 Tom W. Patton, Jr., Columbia, SC
2003 Jeffrey G. Brown, Elgin, SC
2009 J. Kirk Weyman, Anderson, SC
2012 Robert “Bob” G. Miller, Kinards, SC
2013 McCullough Ardrey, Lancaster, SC
2021 T. J. Lyell, Florence, SC
2022 Roy Boyd, Rock Hill, SC
Note: Dr. A. G. “Skeet” Burris, Cummings, SC, was instrumental in establishing the award. Burris named the award after Dr. George D. Kessler in honor of his service to the SC Tree Farm program.

National Field Leadership Award Recipient
2005 Jeff Brown, Elgin, SC

National Leadership Award Recipient
2018 Dr. George D. Kessler

SC Tree Farmer of the Year Winners
‘80-’81 S. Guerry Stukes, Summerton, SC
‘81-’82 Ben S. Williamson, Darlington, SC
1982 Mary Julia Royall, Mt. Pleasant, SC
‘83-’84 Rufus B. Lawrimore, Hemingway, SC
‘84-’85 Brookes Lawton, Allendale, SC
‘85-’86 John W. Kemp, Jr., Edgefi eld, SC
‘86-’87 Charles W. Redfearn, Beaufort, SC
‘87-’88 Carroll & Jane Brown, Colleton Co.
‘88-’89 John Carter, Sharon, SC
‘89-’90 James W. Hunt, Jr. Eastover, SC
‘90-’91 Robert Cecil Gentry, Salem, SC
‘91-’92 Tom Turner, Rock Hill, SC
‘92-’93 Francis A. Snelgrove, Lexington, SC
‘93-’94 W. R. “Roy” Watkins, Cassatt, SC
1995 Dr. A. G. “Skeet” Burris, Beaufort, SC
1996 Gordon E. Gale, Hardeeville, SC
1997 William E. Eutsler, Cheraw, SC
1998 Randell C. Ewing, Hartsville, SC
1999 John Spearman (Deer Hill), Lane, SC
2000 Fred Gantt, Columbia, SC
2001 Dr. Walter A. McPhail, Mauldin, SC
2002 Dyches Family, Savannah, GA
2003 John M. McPhail, Abbeville, SC
2004 Johney L. Haralson, Denmark, SC
2006 Bookman Station, LLC, Columbia, SC
2007 Ben Herlong, Saluda, SC
2008 Edward R. Drayton, Hartsville, SC
2009 Mark T. Jones, Piedmont, SC
2010 Dennis L. Bauknight, Easley, SC
2011 Wallace B. Wood, Jr., Parksville, SC
2012 Joanna Angle, Chester, SC
2013 Mike Meetze, Newberry, SC
2014 Jimmy C. Sanders, Greenwood, SC
2015 William P. Cate, Eastover, SC
2016 The McKinney Family, Clinton, SC
2017 W. Patrick “Pat” Dorn, Jr.
2018 Knowlton W. Johnson
2019 W. McLeod "Mac" Rhodes
2020 Guerry Burnett, Taylors, SC
2021 Bill McCrary, Chapin, SC
2022 Jim & Pam Porter